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Established September 16, 1999

    Hello, and thank you for visiting the only site on the web which features the genealogy of the Canevit family. The Canevits are descended from the family Canivet in France. The journey began before the American Civil War when Antoine Dominique Canivet came to America, beginning a heritage which has culminated in many households in the United States bearing the name Canevit, or some other variation. This site covers in detail my continual investigation of our family's origins. I hope that this site will share valuable information for all Canevits and allied families.

My Family Lineage

Canevit Family Member Pages

This is my family lineage. So far, I can only trace it back to Antoine Canivet (basically, only those who have lived in the United States). Follow the links to learn about other family lines, or go to the Canevit Family Master List. Eventually I will have a page on all families.

bulletAntoine Dominique Canivet
bulletTandy Canaevit
bulletAntwine (Winey) Henry Canevit
bulletHarold Eugene Canevit
bulletDavid Eugene Canevit
bulletDavid Scott Canevit

Current As of August 27, 2003
bulletAntoine Dominique Canivet
bulletMartha Jane Singleton
bulletJames Edgar Canavit
bulletRachael Canivet
bulletTandy Nathaniel Canaevit
bulletAtwine Henry Canevit
bulletHarold Eugene Canevit
bulletGeorge Henry Canevit, Sr.

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The Canevit Family Master List - This is a list of all known descendants of Antoine Dominique Canivet and Martha Singleton. This page is constantly being updated.

The Canevit Marriage List - This is a list of all the known marriages of the descendants of Antoine Canivet and Martha Singleton. This page is constantly being updated.

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Links Page - A page full of links that have been used for researching the history of the Canevit and allied families

Information and Pictures of the latest Canevit reunion

August 27, 2003

There has been quite a bit of work on my part this summer, but unfortunately I really have very little new news to provide. I scanned through several databases that have become available over the last two years and have little to show for it at this time. This is good and bad in that I am able to eliminate searches from some areas, but I'm still left with a great deal of work to do.

Last week I was able to make a quick stop in Missouri to basically conduct a reconnaissance for a future research trip. I was able to see some of the old Canivet land in Shannon County and I visited the library (which was closed) in Eminence, the county seat of Shannon county. It really is a pretty area of the country and I look forward to visiting sometime in the not-so-distant future.

I updated the page on Antoine and created a new one for Martha Jane Singleton. Martha's page has a lot information about her siblings and her parents. I am also working on a page for Antoinette that I hope to finish before the month is over. Most of the information is based on Arthur Hall's The Gin Ridge Clans.

Speaking of The Gin Ridge Clans, copies are available for sale. You can contact Arthur Hall directly concerning this. Please contact me for his information if you do not receive the e-mail that I sent out concerning his contact information. The cost for the book is $40 plus $3 shipping and handling (please note that the cost may change due to shipping and handling fees, etc.).

One bit of business: I am looking for a new name for this website. I created it in 1999 before I realized that there were so many allied families and various spellings that derived from Antoine's surname. So, I am looking for suggestions for a new name that does not leave anyone out!

I hope to also complete a rather extensive update on the other areas of the website.

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