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Below are some links I have used in my research of the Canevit family, as well as allied families. These are certainly not all inclusive of the genealogy sites on the web (you can visit Cyndi's list for something like that).

If you would like to add a link or know of a good site that is related somehow to the research of the Canevit family (to include Singleton, Pollitt, and many others), please feel free to e-mail me at


Cyndi's List - The first stop in any genealogy search on the web. A vast amount of information and links awaits any researcher there. Cyndi Howells has also published a useful book on internet genealogy research.

The Family Canivet - Eric Canivet's tribute to the Canivet family with lots of history and information. Currently, you must use Internet Explorer to view this page.

Genealogy's Most Wanted - A good site for you to post family and surname information.

Family History.Com - A great search site with a good deal of information.

FamilySearch. - From the Church of Latter Day Saints.

Genealogy Help List - This site has volunteers who will look up information for you from various sources. If you use this site, please bear in mind that the researchers are volunteers, and it may take a bit of time before a reply may be found.

Family Tree Maker - This is the site where I originally posted my research on the Canevit family. This site has a good surname engine, but most resources require you to have the latest software from Family Tree Maker.

Sierra Family Tree - Another great source for surname searches.

Interactive Genealogy - Incredible site for searches and information browsing.

The Genealogy Homepage - A site with many resources, sponsored by Family Tree Maker Online.

Illinois State Genealogy Society - Links and data bases that are extremely useful.

Genealogy and Family Research in Illinois - From

Roots Web - A great State-by-State resource for obtaining vital records. There are also many volunteers who will look up information for you.

Genealogy Gateway - Steve Lacey's outstanding site with many surname resources. Now sponsored by Genealogy.Com.

Fulton County, Illinois - Everything you need to know about the county. Brought to you by Outfitters.Com.

Illinois History - Brought to you by Roots Web. The site is still growing and has a lot of potential.

Illinois Newspaper - Lists every newspaper in Illinois and how to contact them.

Census Online - A growing site with information about the census. Includes links to census data.

Bryan Lane's Genealogy and Family History Pages - A VERY good site. Bryan is a POLLITT researcher, and had given me a hand in my research.

The Canton Illinois Ledger - The online version of the local newspaper in Canton, Illinois.

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - A group of volunteers who conduct searches on shipping information.

American Family Immigration History Center - A repository of information for families who entered the US through Ellis Island.


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