Tuzla, BosniaThe photo here is of my military police team in Bosnia. It was taken in July of 1997 at Tuzla, the main headquarters of Task Force Eagle (The United States Headquarters). Pictured from left to right: Me, SPC Ted Perry, Jr., my driver; and (Kneeling) PFC Johnny Hamilton, my gunner.

At the time, our squad was performing special duty as the personal security for Task Force 2-2's commander, LTC Glenn Burch. The name of our Humvee (pictured behind us) was "Creeping Death".



Engagement, April 10, 1998On April 10, 1998, I asked Shelley Lucile Amen to marry me while we visited her family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The photo to the right was taken moments after she accepted. This event occurred at Fillipo's Restaurant. 





Phil Niekro, and a couple of other people In May of 1998, my parents decided to take Shelley and me to a ballgame in Atlanta, Georgia to see the Atlanta Braves. The photo taken here is of my two favorite women in the world, on the left my mother, Mary "Jackie" (Kiggins) Canevit, and of course Shelley on the right. The photo was taken in front of the bronze statue of my childhood favorite pitcher, Phil Niekro.









French food! This picture was taken on the first night of our honeymoon, in Paris, France. We were sampling the cuisine at a restaurant, and discovered that we did not like some of the cheese there! Oh yeah, we also discovered that the French people we encountered (sans one) were quite friendly, despite their reputation. 







Me, standing on Rue du CanivetHere I am, actually standing on Rue du Canivet in Paris! My wife and I found the street by looking at an old city map while in the Louvre. One day, we made a trek to locate the street, and thanks to the Parisian Police, we found it. The street is quite small, and has a few shops, one restaurant, and a few residences.








Here's a picture of me at my graduation on May 5th, 2001 at Methodist College in Fayetteville, North Carolina. To the right is my mentor, Dr. Darl Champion, Sr.May 5, 2001











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