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The latest Canevit Family Reunion that is known to have occurred took place June 1 - June 5 2001 at Sky Valley Ski Resort, Georgia. Usually there is a Canevit family reunion that takes place annually in Canton, Illinois. Any information about upcoming reunions will be posted on this page.

The reunion at Sky Valley Ski Resort was held to celebrate Mary Byrne Canevit's 80th birthday. Below are some pictures from the reunion.


Some of us stayed at InnJoy at the resort

Another picture of the backside of InnJoy

From left to right: Jackie and David Canevit; Robert "Butch" and Shirley Canevit; Donald and Diana Canevit; Shirley Canevit.

  Helen, Georgia

At Helen, Georgia. From left to right: Donald Canevit, Mary Canevit, Edward Canevit, Robert Canevit, and David Canevit.

Opening presents at Mary's birthday party!

The birthday cake!

One of the gifts was a French Bulletin Board that contained pictures from throughout the family!

These are the only pictures that I have worth posting. If anyone else would like to post their pictures from the gathering, feel free to e-mail me!


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