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October 9, 1999
I came across some information that was quite interesting on the RootsWeb page. I clicked on the census to see if Fulton County, Illinois had anything listed. I found the 1870 census listed, and initially I was very disappointed to find no listing of Martha Canevit or her children. I then recalled Julia Pascal's information that she sent to me some time ago which listed Rachael's father as Nathaniel Kennavett. I looked deeper in the census and found Martha and some of her children (Rachael, Nettie and Tandy) listed under the surname KENNEDY. I do not believe we have a connection at all with the Kennedy's, other than a census taker who was probably unsure as to the spelling of Canivet. There wasn't a whole lot of information in the census, other than the fact it listed Martha as being able to write, and her occupation was a house-keeper, and Rachael and Nettie were both attending school.


October 16, 1999
I added the page for Rachael, which one can see via Antoine's page. I plan to link all children through their parents' pages, and I will have one master link page with all the family members listed. If you have a family web page and wish for me to set up a link, just e-mail me and I will set it up. I can see that if I do not set up a "master" page, that a visitor will have to keep going through pages and pages. I am doing everything I can to make navigating through this site easy, and obtaining information as well. I'll probably have the master page up in a few days. Also, thanks to Celia Kelley, Julia Pascal's mother, we now have a few pictures on the site of some of the tombstones (Antoine; Tandy and his first wife, Dollie; Winey). Look for more of the same in the future.


October 22, 1999
The site has been up and running for a month now. I have added a Master Family Links Page, which I hope eventually makes navigating a bit easier. That page is made strictly for future growth of the site. We now have a guest book, which I hope you will sign in on. I would like to know where you came from! I have also requested to be listed on many search engines. This is so that any other Canevit who wants to find this information may do so with ease. Finally, I have requested to be added onto two Web Rings, which are at the bottom of the page, above the links. I am hoping to have the site added to their rings soon. Finally, it is with great sorrow that I announce my Grandmother Ann Kiggins passed away this morning. She is my mother's mother, and was a great inspiration to me throughout my life. She will be forever missed and loved.


November 24, 1999
Over the last month I have not been able to work on the web site much. However, I have returned with great fire! I have a lot of new information to include, especially about Rachael. I have not received word from France yet concerning information about Antoine, but I will continue my correspondence and hopefully add some new information soon. I have added some new logos on the site, and look for many new changes to make the site easier to navigate. The Canevit Family Tree page is undergoing some major renovation, so be sure to check back there. Thanks for all the comments and support. Remember, this is as much your site as it is mine, so feel free to send any comments whatsoever!


December 18, 1999
Happy Holidays! I'm still working hard on the site, and I hope to continue work on the Canevit Master List. I need some help, though! If you notice any information which is in error, please e-mail me at your earliest convenience. Also, so long as the "Y2K" bug doesn't destroy the world, I have new plans for the site in January. I plan to overhaul the entire main page. If you notice, I have included a link to the Canivet family web site. Some of it has been translated from French to English, and I'm not sure if some of the translation was garbled, but there is a ton of interesting information on the site, and a lot of great photos of places which bear the name Canivet. Shelley and I also have put up a Christmas Web Site for those of you who are interested! Finally, this site has been recognized, and thus I have made a humble awards page. Again, I hope each of you has a great holiday, and believe me, I will keep working on the Canevit Family genealogy!


January 09, 2000
Happy New Year! I hope everybody had a great holiday season! Now, it's back to work. I have gathered some new information, but nothing too significant. I'm making some major changes to the site. I hope to purchase a new web page maker soon. I'm afraid this version of Claris is outdated, and it can no longer suit this site's needs. I moved the links to a new page to shorten the load time of the main page. Other than that, I'll soon concentrate my efforts on the master list. I still your help, though! I have very little information about some of the people on the master list! Anyway, look for some new changes to the site, and a whole lot of great information coming up! I also plan to update the links page often for those who are looking for resources outside of our family.


January 10, 2000
Seems like yesterday that I was updating the site! Well, I've had a very productive day. I have inputted all information that I have on all children in the Canevit Family Tree on the Master List. I believe I'll obtain some more information over the next year, so I won't take off the "construction" sign just yet. I'm sure there are many out there who will review the page and find errors. If you do, please e-mail me so that I can correct the errors! Coming soon to the web site will be a page which will document all weddings within the family tree. I'll need a lot of help here as I do not have complete information on many of the marriages. Finally, I added some much needed new information on Rachael (sorry it took so long Julia and Celia), and I re-worked the page a little. Well, things are definitely looking good for the new year, and I hope everyone is enjoying the site. Please, e-mail me with any suggestions if you have any! 


March 8, 2000
Well, it's been over a month since my last update. School really has me in a bind this term, but I have a few days to work on the web site due to Spring Break. I'm working on a web page which will contain all the marriages that I know of. Please help me if you find any errors and/or omissions. I have taken all the old news and placed them into an archives page as well. Great news from Family Tree Maker! The Canevit Family Tree is now available. Check out their web site if your are interested. Also, I received an inquiry from a Pollitt in the Kentucky area. Anyone with information about the Pollitt family, please e-mail me so that I can post more information. As most of you know, I do have a lot of information, but I think we should expand it!

Well, so far I still have not heard from the Canivet family concerning Antoine's origins. Once I have a bit more time, I want to pursue the scope of my investigation on Antoine's French origins through the Canivet family. For now, I believe there is a lot of information to gather here in the United States, so I will continue to update the known information before I pursue some more unknown information. So, what I need from you is to check out the Master Canevit List and make sure I have included everyone with out any errors. Please check the Marriages page as well. Thanks for all your support out there, and thanks to all of you I really believe that this year will be an extraordinary one with regards to this web site!
By the way, in case you have ICQ capabilities, I now have an ICQ number (62810114). Please feel free to ICQ me if you see me online. Otherwise, feel free to email me as usual, or IM me on AOL if you happen to catch me there!


March 12, 2000
Just a quick note to let apologize to everyone about the latest incarnation of the main web page. I set it up for Netscape browsers, but not for internet explorer! Anyway, the problem is mainly due to my archaic web page maker, which I hope to replace one day. I also updated the marriage list, with a running total of 51 marriages listed so far. I know there are some more, but I have listed what I know.
I would also like to thank Skip Canevit for an amazing amount of information. He'll be sending me some more soon (mainly some newspaper clippings and information from Iona Rambo-Canevit-Alexander's Bible!). the information he shared was valuable in correcting some errors on the marriage page, and I spent the whole day correcting my database as well.
Well, I hope to be able to set up a sidebar in the future, but until I get a new web page maker, I'm afraid we are stuck with what I can do. Oh well, the information being uploaded is much more important that aesthetics! Hope to hear from all of you soon!


March 24, 2000
On Sunday, 19 March 2000, I was notified by Debbie Canevit that George Henry Canevit passed away, after a long illness. George was a brother of my Grandfather (the only other sibling from Winey and Iona's marriage). For the remainder of this year, I have decided to dedicate this site to his memory. I hope to correspond with his family soon, as I am hoping to create a page for George.
Just to let everybody know about my latest progress. I had recently stated that I seemed to not find any new information, then lo and behold, I now have had a library dropped in my lap! I joined the Fulton County, Illinois Roots Web genealogy mailing list, and I managed to contact Bryan Lane who is a POLLITT researcher. He sent me a lot of new information on concerning the children of Rachael and Antoinette and their descendents. I also contacted Arthur K. Hall, the author of The Gin Ridge Clans, who had done some research on the Canevit family. His book mentions a few Canevits in it, and he is selling the book via mail. Check the ad for more information. Arthur also sent me a bmp image of a signature of Antoine's (I'll add it to Antoine's page soon).
Upcoming projects to watch for: 1) An update to Antoine and Rachael's pages; 2) A new page for George Henry; 3) More research and ultimately a page for Iona Rambo-Canevit-Alexander. The next update on Antoine's page is expected to be huge.
I hope by now everyone has had a chance to check out the marriage list. Eventually, I will list them by date. Anyway, I hope to hear from all of you soon. Please keep George and his family in all of your prayers.



April 16, 2000
Hello, and welcome to the "new and improved" Canevit Family Genealogy web site! You'll see quite a few new changes in the upcoming weeks, particularly with the design. I have a lot of information to add, and it will all be put up shortly. In the meantime, I am in the process of making some vast improvements on this site. I finally purchased a copy of Microsoft FrontPage 2000 (say what you want about Bill Gates, but Microsoft products really are the best). I had a major calamity in the process of converting the HTML file from the Claris page maker, so if you were on the page earlier in the day, you probably could not access the main page.
Well, my wife finished the MCAT yesterday, which truly drained her. All of our free time was spent taking care of school and her studying for that test, thus no update on the web site until now. Well, I'd better get back to work, and give you all a great new web site! Also, please, consider purchasing a copy of The Gin Ridge Clans by Arthur Hall!


July 15, 2000
I'm sorry that it has taken so long, but I've begun another update. The main update is located on Antoine's page. It has a lot of new information about Antoine and Martha. Looks like we'll be moving the site soon to I'll send an e-mail once I have done so, yet I will maintain the page for a short time on AOL until I have gotten all the links straightened out, as well as I have reasonable belief that all of you have changed your bookmarks. And, if your are interested, you can obtain a email address! This all thanks to Chris Canevit who has obtained a server and the domain. If you are interested in a e-mail address, contact Chris at I'm hoping to add a few more new pictures on Winey and Harold's pages, and James' page is currently under construction!


August 18, 2000

Hello, once again I'm working to update this web site! A bit of sad news to report. My wife's grandfather, Harvey Krause, passed away on August 4, 2000. He was quite an exceptional man, and will be missed always. Please keep the Krause family in your prayers for strength during this time. 

I will be posting more updated information this weekend. I just finished Rachael's new page, which was long overdue. Rachael's page was one of the original pages for this site. Next I will be updating Harold and Winey's pages with new photos.

If you have not done so already, please consider purchasing a copy of The Gin Ridge Clans. Much of the new information that is being placed on the site comes from the great research that Arthur Hall has done throughout his life. Were it not for him, I doubt I would have as much information to post on this site!

I hope this month sees everyone well. Thanks for all the continued support.


September 16, 2000

The Canevit Family Genealogy site is exactly one year old today! We have made a great deal of progress over this year, and I hope to continue this trend throughout its sophomore year.

There have been a few changes around here since the last update. You'll notice some new pictures posted on several of the pages. A new page for George Henry was added as well. So far, there's only seven family member pages, and I would love to double that number this year. I've also eliminated the web rings to make it quicker for this page to upload onto your computers. There is also a new page for pictures of my wife Shelley and myself, which you can access here or by the clicking on the link below in the area about myself.

In the year that I have worked on this site, I never dreamed that I would be so fortunate to find lost relatives and expand the research of our family. Of course, the only disappointment that I still have is the missing link back to France. I am still hoping that soon we will know Antoine's parents.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this site, either simply by visiting, contributing to the great number of stories, or added a simple thank you in my e-mail. Let's continue to work together and make this site a great tribute to our heritage!


June 26, 2001

Welcome to the new version of the web site. Thanks to Chris Canevit, the web page will now be located at I had intended to make the change last year, but school really bogged me down.

Speaking of school, I graduated from Methodist College on May 5th with a double major in criminal justice and sociology, summa cum laude! I am now awaiting the start of graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee this fall. My wife, Shelley, recently was awarded a Phi Kappa Phi fellowship, and has begun her first medical school summer rotation at the Medical School of Wisconsin.

Over the course of this summer I intend to conduct some more research. Unfortunately, we have made no progress with the link to France, although Jackie Canivez and Eric Canivet have placed bulletins on their web site. If you have not done so, you should check out their new web site at You can find information about the upcoming Canivet family reunion in Belgium that is scheduled September 9, 2001.

A few months ago, Arthur Hall notified me that all the editions of The Gin Ridge Clans have been sold. If another edition is to be published anytime in the future, I'll be sure to let everyone know about it. You will see excerpts from the book throughout the this web site.

For anyone interested, you can obtain a e-mail address from Chris Canevit. Simply e-mail him at for the details.

There were 1331 visitors to this page before we moved to the new server.

Finally, there was a small reunion for my grandmother's (Mary Byrne Canevit) 80th birthday at Sky Valley Resort, Georgia. I have a few pictures which you see here.

Thanks for your support, and I look forward to a fruitful summer!


July 19, 2001

I have spent the last month rearranging most of my files and attempting to correct errors that were made on the web site. The good news is that I am now better organized than before.

Jackie Canivez, from La Grande Famille Canivet, contacted me this month about his latest attempt to find records about Antoine in France. He reports that if Antoine was born in Paris, we may be with no luck obtaining records as most of them were destroyed in 1871 during the days of the "Commune". Jackie also checked many passenger lists for departing ships, but to no avail. I am hopeful that Antoine may have been born outside of Paris so that we may find records about him. The work done by Jackie is greatly appreciated!

Apart from Jackie's research, there is little news to report. I hope that many of you are taking advantage of Chris Canevit's offer of free e-mail with a address! If you haven't, you can e-mail him at .


November 24, 2001

Greetings. I am sorry about the delay since the last update, but I have been quite busy once again. The work in graduate school is taking up more time than my undergraduate work. Therefore, I have not accomplished much in the way of updating this site. I am pleased to report that I have been given several e-mail reports to increase the veracity of this site, particularly on the Canevit Master List and the Marriages list.

I have begun work on our annual Christmas web site. This is the third year in which Shelley and I are attempting to share a virtual Christmas with all of our extended friends and family. I'll alert everyone as soon as it is up.

As always, I would like to let everyone know that free e-mail addresses with the extension are available. You can contact Chris Canevit at for the details.

January 12, 2002

Greetings, and welcome to the re-designed Canevit Family Genealogy website. I hope that this new design will make it easier for researchers and family members to find information about our family.

I am sorry to say that I have very little news to share with you this month. I received an e-mail from Shirley and Frank Canavit who relay that Shirley will be visiting Paris in April. Shirley and Frank also visited the land the Antoine once owned in Missouri.

The Canivet Family held their family fair on September 9th. You can see the latest photograph on their website, La Grande Famille Canivet. If you have not visited the site before, I encourage you to do so and register your family. I hope to attend the next family fair in 2004.

Thanks to all who visited out Christmas website. I'm sorry that I failed to link the page to the Genealogy website, but it looked like we had a great response! I hope everyone had a great holiday.

I would like to express gratitude to Chris Canevit who has given us this URL and the free space on his server for this website. If anyone is interested in obtaining a e-mail address, you can e-mail him at The service is free, and you can now access the e-mail on the web.


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