June, 2003



Information about the Family Canivet from the National Research Center:

"The French family name Canivet is classified as being of occupational origin. In this case, the surname Canivet is derived from the Old French word 'knif', meaning 'small knife, pocket knife'. Thus the original bearer of this name was known by members of his community as an individual who made or sold knives. Variants of the name Canivet include Ganiveaux, Guenyveau, Ganiveng and the feminine form Ganivette. The appropriate forms in Normandy and Picardie are Canivet, Caniveng and Canivel.
In a French armorial is mentioned a family named Canivet des Graviers from the region of Charente; this family was honored with the title of Baron of the Empire in 1813. The family Canivet of Rougefosse was established in Normandy; this family was ennobled in 1543 and maintained its nobility in 1667. "

For more information about the Canivet family heritage, visit the Grande Famille Canivet Web Site, hosted by Eric Canivet and Jackie Canivez. There you will find information about the derivations of the name, information about some famous Canivets, and news about research and announcements of family events. Don't forget to register your information on the site as well so that you can receive an invitation to the next Canivet family fair, scheduled for 2004.


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